World Water Day 2022 – Making the invisible visible

22nd of March is UN World Water Day, this year dedicated to groundwater, under the theme “making the invisible visible”. We need to remember how precious this hidden resource is, for all the inhabitants of the Earth.

ECHN wishes to share some thoughts on the importance of groundwater in all its facets. If you wish to contribute, send a picture from your own country and a message or statement to We’ll share them on our social media throughout the year.


World Water Day 2019 – A message from ECHN

Every year, on the 22nd of March, the world comes together to help create water awareness. Everyone from world leaders to children in primary schools join the fight against the pollution, abuse and exploitation of precious water resources.

2019 theme is “leave no one behind” which reminds us that we are sharing this planet with people who have been marginalized and ignored and it is our responsibility to ensure they are not forgotten.

Watch and share:


‘Coolest Paper of the Year’ Award

The ECHN organizes the ‘Coolest Paper of the Year’ Award with the objective to energize the early career hydrogeology community and encourage the discussion of new and exiting papers. The definition of ‘cool’ has been deliberately left open to interpretation to inspire a wide range of nominations and voting. we will announce in the future the new edition.

‘Coolest Paper’ of 2015 Award

‘Coolest Paper’ of 2014 Award

‘Coolest Paper’ of 2013 Award


World Water Day 2015 – Sharing the message

Let’s celebrate World Water Day together in 2015 and establish the ECHN as a vital network of the IAH and international community as a whole! Visit the ECHN WWD Photo Gallery and our celebration message.


‘Early Career Hydrogeologists in Action’

We have created a gallery of the pictures sent by ECHs to our “Early Career Hydrogeologists in Action” Photo Gallery that featured on our home page.

Visit the ‘ECHs In Action’ Photo Gallery!

If you wish to contribute send us by email at your picture in the field, laboratory, conference, etc along with a caption and author of the picture and we will post it on our home page and in the gallery.