‘Coolest Paper of the Year’ Award

The ECHN organized the ‘Coolest Paper of the Year’ Award with the objective to energize the early career hydrogeology community and encourage the discussion of new and exiting papers. The definition of ‘cool’ has been deliberatively left open to interpretation to inspire a wide range of nominations and voting.

Involvement in International IAH Congresses/Meetings

The ECHN team liaises with IAH’s congress and meeting organisers, endeavouring to provide a range of opportunities specifically for those in the early stages of their hydrogeology careers. These include pre-congress/meeting short courses, awards for best presentations and posters, affordable accommodation and organizing social events for networking. Find out more.

Past Conferences with ECHN Support

The ECHN supports conference organizing committees on any hydrogeological topic to improve the involvement of Early Career Hydrogeologists. Find out more.

ECHN National Groups

ECHN National groups aim to provide a network that is closer to home, enabling events to be held more frequently and at a local scale. Find our more.

World Water Day – March 22nd

Let’s celebrate World Water Day together in 2015 and establish the ECHN as a vital network of the IAH and international community as a whole! Visit the ECHN WWD Photo Gallery and our celebration message.


An improved understanding of groundwater issues supports its better management. Everyone at the start of their professional careers need to be supported and guided in taking their first steps in the hydrogeology profession. Find out more.