About ECHN

ECHN represents those at the start of their professional careers in hydrogeology, irrespective of age.

Our objectives

  • To promote information sharing possibilities for early career hydrogeologists.
  • To provide support networks for members to discuss and develop ideas or schemes, through web-based forums, meetings, etc.
  • To preserve hydrogeological competence and experience via productive exchanges between junior and senior hydrogeologists.
  • To provide technical training via short-courses, master-classes at conferences and online sessions.
  • To enhance the social and professional networking opportunities of early career hydrogeologists, e.g. by specific events at conferences.
  • To strengthen the status of early career hydrogeologists within IAH by networking at conferences, congresses and within its National Chapters, Commissions and Networks.

How we started

Initial steps towards the formation of this network were taken at the 38th IAH Congress in Krakow (Poland) in September 2010, where the first young/early career hydrogeologists’ session was held. After this meeting a group of nine junior hydrogeologists teamed up to start efforts. In July 2011, the group was officially recognized as an IAH network, and from there ECHN has developed and grown rapidly. Originally intended to support the young hydrogeologists below the age of 35, the network now speaks up for those at the start of their professional careers in hydrogeology irrespective of their age.

Promotional material

The following promotional materials can be used to advertise the ECHN in hydrogeology related events.

ECHN Poster Size A4 English

ECHN Poster Size A4 Spanish

ECHN Business Card