The mentoring scheme helps to preserve competence by a productive exchange between junior and senior hydrogeologists. IAH takes care of this through its newly developed mentoring scheme.

Thinking specifically about our association, mentors could provide:

  • Scientific advice and technical knowledge.
  • Guidance on career options and pathways. This might include guidance on job types, interviews, networking or educational and training options.
  • Practical experience and information, for example, about specific regions of the world or specific aquifer types.

The IAH mentoring scheme consists of different levels:

  • Web/online meetings, discussions etc (e.g. IAH or IAH-ECHN Linkedin groups).
  • Side meetings, seminars etc. at IAH congresses and meetings (under discussion), and
  • A one-to-one partnership.

The IAH mentoring scheme is still being established, and both givers and receivers of advice are mostly welcome to join in and share their ideas, to help develop the scheme and to set up this new and productive element of communication in the IAH community (members only).

All information about how the scheme works and about how to join can be found at:

Users’ Guide, IAH MENTORING SCHEME, January 2013 (English)

Guide de l’utilisateur, PROGRAMME DE MENTORAT AIH, Janvier 2013  (French)

For any other questions, please contact: