Okoye Ekene Godfrey measuring in-situ physicochemical parameters (pH, conductivity and total dissolved solid and temperature) of water sample from a hand dug well in Ungwan Romi, Kaduna, North West, Nigeria.
Marta Hernández García during her field for her project on groundwater quality, poverty and environmental health of indigenous population in the coast of Mexico. Faro de Bucerías, Michoacán, Mexico (2004)
Wendy Timms (Australia) teaching geology in a refugee camp on Thai-Burmese border in 1992. The pollution of our new water well in the refugee camp, due to poor location near the pit latrines, put me on a path to specialize in hydrogeology!
ECH Rui Hugman, a PhD candidate at the University of the Algarve (Portugal) and colleague Dr. José Paulo Monteiro, lead a guided visit to the sub-tidal springs of Olhos d'Agua, Portugal as part of a workshop on submarine groundwater discharge to raise public awareness on groundwater and it's importance to the region. Photo by Rui Hugman.
Marco Petitta and his colleague and friend Prof. Michele Saroli. Photo during a field trip at Cassino Spring, Central Italy, in 1999.
Risky business! Taking surface water chemical parameters on a rickety bamboo bridge. Photo taken near Obuasi in Ghana. Photo of Richard Cheal, taken by local field assistant.
ECH Olenka Forde during her field work within a project to characterize the pathways and mechanisms of methane migration related to shale gas development, Northeastern BC, Canada.
Ken Howard Mid 80s
Callist Tindimugaya, late 80s
Sue Duncan sampling a well for pesticides. North Italy, 1988
Moments before the start of an injection test performed on a traditional dug well at Algoz (Algarve Portugal), with the support of the local fireman department. Standing up on the left is Tiago Carvalho (Terra, Ambiente e Recursos Hídricos, Lda.), sitting down is Luis Costa (University of Algarve).
Bruce Misstear geophysical logging in 1978, Nigeria
Callist Tindimugaya and Richard Taylor early 90's
IAH Commission of Mineral and Thermal Water field trip to the Napolitan volcanoes and thermal waters during the Post Congress Tour, AQUA 2015, Sept 18-20. Isle of Ischia (Napoli, Italy). Courtesy of Vincenzo Piscopo, Italy.


The Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network (ECHN) is an official network of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) providing a forum for hydrogeologists at the start of their professional or academic careers.
 43 IAH Congress logo

Find here the IAH-ECHN events at the 43rd IAH Congress, we are looking forward to meet you there!

 2015 Coolest Paper banner

And the ‘Coolest Paper’ of 2015 is …

Ogden, F. L., W. Lai, R. C. Steinke, J. Zhu, C. A. Talbot, and J. L. Wilson (2015), A new general 1-D vadose zone flow solution method, Water Resour. Res., 51, 4282–4300, doi:10.1002/2015WR017126.

Congratulations Fred L. Ogden and co-authors!

Fred is invited to talk about this paper at the 2016 IAH Congress in Montpellier, France, from 25-29th September, 2016.

Happy 60th Birthday IAH!

Visit the special photo gallery celebrating the IAH 60 years.

The ECHN is very pleased to congratulate the IAH for reaching its 60th year and acknowledge those founding members who, more than six decades ago, got together to create the basis of the worldwide organization we know today.

On its 60th anniversary, we would like to congratulate the Organization for its achievements and work developed so far, always looking ahead for groundwater awareness, management, sustainability and research, gathering specialist worldwide and making hydrogeologist to have their saying in Water Management. It has certainly been a legacy of hard work to keep up IAH during all these years. To all who have contributed to the IAH we would like to say, ”Thank you!” on the behalf of all current early career hydrogeologists as well as future generations. The ECHN is very proud to be part of IAH and continually grateful for the support of the organization in our aims and activities.

To celebrate IAH’s birthday, we would like to invite and encourage all early career hydrogeologists to send us pictures of you in action as young groundwater specialists, as well as all IAH members to send us pictures of when you were in the beginning of your career. Get involved and we will together show cooperation and groundwater scientific and technical evolution over the last 60 years.

Send us your pictures by email with a short description, location and the photo author’s name (echn.iah@gmail.com).


 ‘ECHs In Action’ Photo Gallery

Share with us your ‘Hydrogeology In Action Moment’, the best photos will be published here. Send us by email with a short description, location and the photo author’s name. Visit the ‘ECHs In Action’ Photo Gallery.