2017 Irish Chapter IAH Conference

The annual Irish Group IAH Conference will take place in the Tullamore Court Hotel on 25th and 26th April 2017.

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This year’s theme “Developments in Irish Hydrogeology in a Changing Water Services and Planning Environment” aims to present the current processes related to water quality and water planning, bridging academic research and applied hydrogeology.

Message from the Organizers:

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Irish chapter of the IAH and its committee, I’m delighted to present to you the programme for this years’ conference “Developments in Irish Hydrogeology in a Changing Water Services and Planning Environment” on the 25th & 26th of April at the Tullamore Court Hotel, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

We will have 24 invited speakers covering session themes related to “Towards safe and effective Groundwater Supply”, “Groundwater Hazards and Pathways”, “Geo-Risks related to Groundwater” and “DOC & THM”. Furthermore, we will once again have a designated “Early Career Hydrogeologists Network” platform in the format of oral presentations and posters to showcase respective work.

Alongside the poster presentation, we will have a wine reception followed by the social evening and dinner at Hugh Lynch’s Bar in Tullamore.

Our technical workshop this year is dedicated to the functionality of telemetric data transmission, kindly provided by the EPA and the OPW.

A total of 14 exhibitors will be present at the venue, demonstrating a wide range of hydrogeology related tools, practices and approaches.

On behalf of the Irish IAH, I look forward to welcoming you at this years’ conference, and we expect excellent contributions and fruitful discussions from all those in attendance.


Philip Schuler

IAH (Irish Chapter) Conference Secretary

ECHN at the 2017 Irish Chapter IAH Conference

As part of the conference, the IAH Irish Chapter is continuing to develop the Early Career Hydrogeologists Network (ECHN) Session to give early-career practitioners and researchers an opportunity to present their work and engage with their peers and the wider hydrogeological community.

 ECHN session:

  • Presentations of research / industry projects;
  • Posters;
  • Conceptual model competition.

Call for Abstracts – Presentations and Posters

Early career practitioners in industry and researchers are invited to present at the ECHN session. Recipients of IAH (Irish Group) bursaries are especially encourage to take part.

There are 3 presentation slots available, each 10-15 minutes in duration as well as 3 poster presentations slots, each 2-3 minutes in duration (number and duration of slots to be confirmed).

The presentations can be regarding a particular hydrogeology- related project that they are/were involved in. Presentations on topics that tie in with this year’s theme are priority but projects of general hydrogeological interest to the conference attendees would also be considered.

Early career professionals and researchers who are accepted to present at the conference will be able to attend the two-day conference free of charge.

For applications, the IAH (Irish Group) will require the following:

  • Expression of interest accompanied by an abstract (executive summary) of no more than 500 words for the conference proceedings, and an indication of the preferred medium of presentation to be returned by Monday 6th March 2017 to Orla O’ Connell (educationandpublicity@iah-ireland.org);
  • Abstract approval notification will be given by Monday 20th March 2017.
  • For projects that have been accepted based on an abstract, a draft electronic PowerPoint presentation to be returned by Monday 10th April 2017.

Conceptual Site Model (CSM) Competition

All members are invited to enter the competition for hydrogeological Conceptual Site Model graphics. These models are a key tool that hydrogeologists use to develop their own understanding of a site and also to communicate the issues and outcomes with clients, public etc.

Early career hydrogeologists (both from industry and research) are especially entice to enter the competition.

The aim of the competition is to showcase the variety of CSMs that have been produced as well as to demonstrate to our members the best in field in terms of quality.

The submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Be Conceptual i.e. these are graphics as opposed to technical drawings.
  • Be Site – should relate to a location rather than the concept of a process such as flow diagram.
  • Be a Model – a model is a useful representation of a system and therefore has some understanding to communicate in relation to the hydrogeology.
  • Names can be changed or removed to protect the identity of the site.
  • A brief explanation should accompany the CSM (max. 500 words) including:
    • project background (contaminated land, resource evaluation, water supply development etc.) and
    • specific site issue(s) to solve;
    • overview of information used to develop the model (Geological Survey of Ireland maps, site walkover, site investigations);
    • particular challenges in developing the model;
    • how the model assisted in developing an understanding of the site/area;
    • outcome of project.

Selected competition entries will be showcased alongside the poster on the back wall of the conference room for the duration of the conference.

The winner of the competition will give a brief presentation (c. 5 minutes) on their CSM entry and will be able to attend the two-day conference free of charge.

Members who do not wish to enter the competition but are interested in submitting conceptual models for the interest of the delegates, simply to showcase what conceptual models look like and to demonstrate the different forms they can take, would also be very welcome. In particular, it would be interesting to demonstrate how conceptual models have changed over time i.e. evolution from paper based CSMs to computer models.

Entries (graphic CSM model) and accompanying summary to be submitted to Orla O’ Connell (educationandpublicity@iah-ireland.org) byMonday 6th March 2017. The winner of the competition to be announced by 20th March 2017.